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The 2014 Nova Super League Awards

The Greek football stars shone in the Novasports channels! The best players of the Super League championship for the 2013/2014 season were presented with their awards on the evening of Monday May 5, in a special show presented by Yannis Karalis in the Nova facilities in Kantza.


Panathinaikos player Marcus Berg was named most valuable player of the championship; Panathinaikos coach Yannis Anastasiou was named best coach; and the goal of OFI player Dudu Cearense in the match against Ergotelis in the Pankritio Stadium was named best goal. The winners of the most valuable player (MVP), best coach and best goal categories were determined following an open vote which concluded on the midnight of Sunday May 4.


Moreover, Panathinaikos player Spyros Risvanis was named rookie player of the season; the double save of Veria player Nikos Anastasopoulos in the match against PAOK was named best save; the assist of Atromitos player Tasos Karamanos to Dimitris Papadopoulos in the derby against PAOK was named best assist; the statement of Stamatis Vellis (major shareholder of Apollon Smyrnis) saying that AEL Kallonis fairly won the match against Apollon Smyrnis was named best fair play action; and the statement of Platanias player Fanouris Goundoulakis was named best statement of the year.


For the best assist, best save, top statement of the year, best rookie player and fair play action of the year categories, a special committee was established, consisting of three coaches who managed their teams throughout the season. These coaches were Yannis Anastasiou, Akis Mantzios and Makis Havos who made their decisions after examining the candidates coming from the show "Time of the Champions", following the completion of each matchday.


The full list of this season's winners:

Top scorer: Solari (Xanthi)

Best save: Anastasopoulos (Veria)

Best statement of the year: Goundoulakis (Platanias)

Best assist: Karamanos (Atromitos)

Rookie of the season: Risvanis (Panathinaikos)

MVP of the season: Berg (Panathinaikos)

Best coach of the season: Anastasiou (Panathinaikos)

Best goal of the season: Dudu (OFI)

Fair Play: Vellis (Apollon Smyrnis)

Best Team


Tzorvas (Apollon)
Kantimiris (Veria)

Kantimiris: "It's really nice when my hard work is acknowledged by everyone that voted for me to be part of the best team of the season. I wish to thank the fans and most importantly my teammates who helped me win this award."

Tzorvas: "This award is the result of great efforts during a difficult year that concluded with our relegation and the fact that I am receiving this award is extremely important for me from a moral point of view, particularly as a player of Apollonas. I have won a similar award in the past. I wish to dedicate it to my family since they are always a priority for me in everything I do and I also wish to share it with Makis Veniamin who really stood by my side throughout the season; I really enjoyed working with him."


Bourbos (OFI)
Galo (Panetolikos)
Lazaridis (Atromitos)
Manolas (Olympiacos)
Giannoulis (Atromitos)
Nano (Panathinaikos)

Bourbos: "This is a real honour for me. I wish to thank the fans and the OFI family for my performance this season."


Galo: "I am really happy and I wish to thank everyone. I would not have done this without my teammates."


Lazaridis: "This is an honour for me and I wish to thank all my teammates since I would not have won this award were it not for them."


Manolas: "I wish to thank my teammates and my coach, all those that voted for me and God for keeping me healthy."


Giannoulis: "I wish to thank Nova and all my teammates for this amazing year."


Nano: "I am really happy for this year and I hope we will conclude the season really well."


Leozinho (Kalloni)
Lucas (PAOK)
Dominguez (Olympiacos)
De Blasis (Asteras Tripolis)
Tzanis (Panthrakikos)
Umbides (Atromitos)
Korbos (Apollon)


Leozinho: "First of all, I wish to thank my teammates and Nova and I am really happy to be playing for the best club and I wish to continue with them. I thank everyone."


Lucas: "I am certainly happy to be receiving this award. I wish to dedicate it to my teammates and the president. This was a difficult year."


Chori: "This is a real honour for me and I am happy. I owe this award to teamwork and my teammates."


De Blasis: "I feel somehow awkward to be receiving this award. This award is an acknowledgment for me and I wish to dedicate it to my teammates."


Tzanis: "I am happy to be receiving this award. The fact that the fans voted for me means that I do my job well."


Umbides: "I wish to thank my teammates and my friends because I would not have made it without their assistance."


Korbos: "This is a really honour for me and I thank Nova since this year was not good for my team; I believe I will improve even more in the following years."


Berg (Panathinaikos)
Ben (Veria)
Solari (Xanthi)
Campbell (Olympiacos)
D. Papadopoulos (Atromitos)
Torres (Platanias)

Berg: "I am really happy because we had a great season, both on a personal and on a team level. I believe that the fact that there are players from the team in the best squad of the year is a result of teamwork. I am really happy."


Ben: "I am really happy with this honour. I feel proud. I owe this award to my teammates and to the club of Veria. I scored several goals this season and I wish to dedicate both the goals and this award to my teammates and to Veria."


Solari: "It is an honour for me to be one of the players comprising the best squad of the championship. This is a competitive league with good players and I am honoured to be receiving this award."


Papadopoulos: "I am happy for my team as well. This is a great honour for any player and the same is true for me."


Torres: "I wish to thank everyone, NOVA and all those that voted for me and trusted me. I am really proud to be part of the best squad of the season. Although this is a personal distinction, I wouldn't have achieved anything without the assistance of my teammates in Platanias. I thank you all."

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